Get Ready to Rock...

Virtual Keynote

Get ready for what Mark calls his 'rock show disguised as a keynote'

Mark has done extensive research, put together a state-of-the-art video studio and designed his virtual presentation to be as high-energy, performance-driven and audience-interactive as his live presentation.

“I’m certain that you will have never experienced anything like my presentation called HACKING THE ROCKSTAR ATTITUDE: How to Ignite Rockstar Performance During Uncertain Times. I call myself an activational speaker because beyond motivating you, I will excite you, engage you and give you unique perspectives and business-relevant content that you can immediately employ in your business and personal lives to lift your spirits and improve your performance. I will be your own personal Rockstar, at your service!”
–Mark Schulman

Covid 19 has shown us that we cannot control what happens to us…but through high-energy stories, research examples, interactive rhythmic processes, live concert footage and drumming performances, Mark demonstrates that we all have the power to control, choose or what he calls ‘shift’ our ATTITUDES about what is happening, shifting our perception and projections.

Attitude is the foundation of an unprecedented and powerful formula because attitude is what drives our behavior; now think about the implications and power in that! Our behavior is then what determines the consequences of our lives. This formula is AxB=C.

Mark has worked intimately with some of the most successful and inspiring musical artists on the planet. These people have shared with him stories, secrets and attitude shifts that he will share with you to change your life and the way you approach business as you and your colleagues dive deep into the Rockstar Mindset! Your audience will walk away with a blueprint for how to incorporate Rock & Roll philosophy, techniques, and swagger in order to overcome obstacles, drive performance, and energize their work and personal lives. And one of the attendees always wins a personally signed snare drum directly from Mark!

Mark would be happy to have an in-depth content call with you so you can talk more specifically about how he can customize his program for you. Once you talk to Mark, you will be convinced!


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