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Playing Full Out

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  • January 6, 2015
  • Mark Schulman

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As with top professional athletes and successful entrepreneurs, most RockStars find success by preparing or rehearsing for every game or event as if it’s a live performance and every live performance as if it’s their last. It’s the nexus between persistence and success, fueled by the desire to always Play Full Out.

I have been telling my students for years that when I perform on stage, I play each note like it is the last note I might ever play. I’ve also transferred this viewpoint to my keynote presentations and my communication as a parent.

The most admirable top performers savor every note, moment, opportunity and nuance. If you adopt that viewpoint in every detail, every bit of minutia, every word, inflection and ‘space between the notes’ then that level of commitment and intention emanates through you in both professional and hobbyist pursuits. It’s also contagious as it fosters confidence and the respect of others.

There is a confidence that great performers/presenters possess that is the result of putting such strong intention and gusto into every detail, that even ‘mistakes’ are admirable. They say that the devil is in the details because of what you can miss if you are not paying attention. Conversely, if you are studied and hyper aware of every detail in your communication, presentation and/or performance, you get to revel in a space of the sublime. This is truly life changing for you and the others to whom you are engaging.

In the music business, Playing Full Out is one of the greatest compliments bestowed. Instill this mantra in your profession, hobby, or with personal relationships, and notice it fuel you and those around you.

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