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  • January 6, 2015
  • Mark Schulman

Mindset and Skillset Collide Down Under For a Cathartic Breakthrough At The Rock…

After nearly 20 hours of travel, I found myself in a small charter plane preparing to land on a one-way airstrip in the middle of nowhere. Desolate, yet serene, Ayers Rock consists of a big rock and a hotel in the Australian Outback.

For approximately 250 Optus executives and employees, this was home for more than four-days for the purpose of refining focus, enhancing communications, and increasing team performance. Optus is the equivalent of AT&T in the Land of Oz. Their executive team entrusted me with the goal of helping everyone break through their respective barriers to reach top performance – personally and collectively.

With P!NK being the number one selling artist in the history of Australia, the connection was immediate, and the energy infectious, between the multimedia presentation and initial drum medley to get the blood flowing at 8 a.m.

Midway through the half-day program, I tested my core principles of top performance- Clarity, Capability and Confidence (3C’s) by bringing up an audience member to play my drum set. I boldly guaranteed that I can teach anyone, including those without prior drumming experience, to play a Pink song in less than four minutes. It’s always fun, entertaining and a very effective demonstration of the power of 3C’s.

I asked for a volunteer from the audience to come up and play, in the heat of the moment, I noticed out of a sea of 250 people someone who was trying to break the ceiling with the extension of her hand. As I grabbed her hand to walk her onstage, the reality of what she just volunteered for apparently dawned on her and extreme fear of being in front of a crowd invaded her consciousness. She burst out into tears onstage in front of her peers!

I have engaged many audiences in this process but I never received this particular reaction. I hugged her, calmed her down, brought her back to the drum set, talked slowly and methodically and with the love of a supportive and vocal audience, literally watched her transform from fear to confidence in under four minutes. She went from literally shaking and weeping to dancing and howling on my drum stool.

This is the result every presenter dreams of, and we got it on video! Please CLICK ON PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO

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