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Harnessing the Rhythm of Teams

Despite your best efforts to motivate and lead your team, do you still feel in your heart that there is room for even greater synergy and efficiency? Get ready for your team to harness unprecedented levels of creative productivity and achieve more rockin’ results! Mark’s energetic, interactive and anecdotal presentation offers a first-hand experience of how to perform better with others — all through interactive, unique processes that feature rhythm, rock & roll and live performance.

Using the powerful metaphor of performing in a band, Mark gives you the tools necessary to take your team’s creative cohesiveness to the next level. You will get a feeling for what it is like to experience the thrill of performing with world-class artists on the big stage, while understanding what underlying principles make this magic happen. Through Mark’s distillation of the core ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ that drive the magical success of world-class bands, you get to learn, practice and evolve with your team right on the spot. You’ll engage in music-infused interactive processes that will give you a kinetic experience and enlightened perspective on how to improve your team dynamics and productivity; your team will become the rockstar band!

Of course, even the brightest stars have their darkest times. A surprising and compelling element of Mark’s program is his use of stories of the failures of these world-class musical teams, focusing on what we can learn from their broken moments. Mark takes these performers’ moments of challenge, change and tenacity and synthesizes them into principles that will  enhance communication, heighten performance and shift the mindsets of teams and individuals.

To your team’s success!


Optional Collateral Materials:

Mark can include memorable takeaway gifts such as books, drumsticks and/or drumheads that can be personalized to include the corporate/event logo/theme. And of course, Mark will autograph any and all purchased items after event, capturing the memory of the experience forever.

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(2 Hours, Half Day and Full Day)

Experience the ‘Harnessing the Rhythm of Teams’ Keynote (above), with the addition of individualized ‘rock band’ breakout group sessions. Mark coaches each small group through entertaining and thought-provoking exercises; you’ll rewrite lyrics to famous songs and each ‘band’ will perform with their lyrics displayed for others to enjoy and support. Your team will learn to break through barriers that have held them back from reaching their true potential. Focus: Performance, Communication, Team Building, Peak Performance, Leadership, Entertainment.

C-Suite JAM!

If you’re in a leadership role, you better be ready to rock! Mark will jam onstage with C-Suite members following his keynote either on the presentation stage or as part of the evening party.  Imagine getting the chance to rock out to your favorite P!nk, Foreigner, or Billy Idol songs on stage with Mark. Your organization might have to create a new position: Chief Rockstar Officer!

Other Keynote Themes:

Meeting Planners:

client raves

Through experience, interviews, and anecdotes, Mark Schulman provides insight into the mindset and skill sets that can be used to break through the barriers to success and beyond. Conquering Life’s Stage Fright can help with expanding the human potential in the workplace as well as achieving greater purpose and happiness in life itself.”

Tony Hsieh
CEO of
NY Times Best Selling Author “Delivering Happiness”


Mark…you made me look like a hero again, this time for recommending you to The New York Tech Summit. Their meeting planner emailed me this note: ‘He was literally amazing. Hands down the best keynote we’ve ever had. On top of it all he’s just an a great guy. Spoke to and took photos with every attendee that approached him. He even jumped in and performed at our attendee party with our corporate rock band. This is going to be hard to top next year!!!’”

Arnold Sand
Executive Director
SME Entertainment Group, LLC


It’s not easy to get a standing ovation from a corporate audience; Mark got two! Mark Schulman’s keynote address was truly a great success and made me, the event planner look like a Rock Star!”

Sandy Scheneker
Marketing Events Manager
Information Global Solutions

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