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Hacking the ROCKSTAR Mindset

Rockstars have always had this elusive cultural mystique, this sort of omnipotence that transcends their individual accomplishments. That intoxicating quality is very potent and consequently has become extremely sexy to model across industries. In business, for example, the Rockstar is the top performer: the one who cuts the edge, the one with the magical energy, power and ability to influence others and stand out from her peers.

We’re all familiar with it, but can we capture it? Can we cultivate it? What does it actually mean to ‘Rock’?

To Rock is to live, breathe, work, and play in a state of heightened performance and persona – both individually and with your team or band. It’s a state of mind that lifts our craft, our relationships, and our personal growth. Rocking out also enables us to shake things up and boldly shatter convention – in business, art, health, and productivity. In the business world, disruption is the radical change of an industry by the introduction of a new product of service that creates a new market. The greatest Rockers demonstrate that there is no ‘box!’ To Rock is to move beyond expectations, so much so that we may even move beyond ‘disruption’ and into ‘destruction’ of the box. As a leader – as a Rockstar – our job is to pull our teams out of their comfort zone and push them to new heights and challenges.

I decided to meticulously quantify and define what it means to ‘Rock’, so that I could share the formula with others. Through examining my personal journey, experiences, and observations, as well as studying highly successful and creative minds across many fields, I developed the four core concepts of how to R.O.C.K. This formula provides you with a progressive and exciting methodology for business and life.

R.O.C.K. – Read, Own, Commit, Know

Read the details of your craft, your audience, your market, your competition.

To read is to act like a fine tuned instrument – paying attention to every detail. When we read a situation, we notice opportunities that others may not notice, pay attention to the strengths of others, and assess situations to maximize potential. We study trends and gain insights by reading details about our audience/clients in order to carve the path towards innovative success. Dr. Dre paid attention to the trend of people frequently using personal headsets and used his brand to create a billion dollar business (along with mega-producer Jimmy Iovine) with his BEATS headphone line.

Own your position, your expertise, and the stage – literally and metaphorically.

We capture, absorb, and use things that come our way to make us stronger and more confident. We gain power from what comes at us and use it as momentum to create more energy, like an Aikido martial artist might use the energy of an opponent to defeat them (think Steven Segal!). To really take ownership is to take adversities and flip them into opportunities. When we acknowledge and build on our strengths, we fortify our performance or brand position in the marketplace. With respect to the stage, powerful musical icons literally own the space they inhabit. They become larger than life because they take this space and use it to command their audience.

When I get on a stage to give a speech and I have a stage width of 30 feet, you bet that I physically walk the entire 30-foot width of that stage to make sure that I am connecting with and commanding every audience member to the best of my ability. In business you expand the breadth of your customer reach to ‘own’ a bigger piece of market share.

Commit to a clear outcome. Commit to success.

When we truly commit to a clear outcome, it drives us even harder to be more creative and expansive toward greater success. Commitment in the sense of ‘rocking’ makes us completely engaged and connected with our audience. The stronger we commit, the harder we are willing to work. Pink is so committed to her audience that she literally performs death-defying stunts (not kidding – a stunt nearly killed her in 2010!) while singing live to bring a higher level of entertainment to her audience. On the road, Pink’s commitment to her workout, performance, and craft mitigate her temptation to consume even the smallest delectable dessert at the catering table! This gal is 100% committed.

Know yourself. Know your strengths (and weaknesses). Know your brand. Know your audience!

To know your own strengths and the strengths of your brand keeps you interested, interesting, and relevant in the marketplace and on the stage. Knowing what inspires and engages your audience is critical to rocking sustainably… especially if you want good reviews! Cher knows that her audience loves and expects a variety show. She and her team know that that she needs to have a balance of singing, risqué dance routines, outrageous costumes, a spicy and lengthy monologue, footage from her movies/shows and a full five decades of music to please her broad demographic audience. Truly knowing requires reflection, honesty, and hard work.

Let’s Rock Out Together!

What makes Hacking the ROCKSTAR Mindset more effective, entertaining, and interesting than other presentations?

  • You will understand what it is (and what it takes) to create the psychological mindset, physical prowess, and emotional state to achieve Rockstar success.
  • You will experience my live drumming, exciting multimedia, and you will engage in interactive group performances that physically energize you and serve as kinetic learning tools for you to enhance your experience of my core concepts.
  • My years of collaboration with artists such as Pink, Billy Idol, Foreigner and Cher has given me insights and intimate examples to share with you to illustrate the core concepts in an inspiring and entertaining way.
  • I will give you the tools you need to immediately and sustainably implement the concepts that I’ve developed.
  • You will be constantly entertained, informed, surprised, engaged and invigorated. I guarantee it!

Imagine a presentation that brings you and your peers into a high-energy keynote/performance in which you are actually a part of the R.O.C.K. show. By the time I leave the stage, YOU are exhilarated and driven to bring this new knowledge, experience and excitement into your workplace and share it with others. That is my guarantee for you when you attend Hacking the ROCKSTAR Mindset!

To your energized success,


Optional Collateral Materials:

Books, and Drumsticks and/or Drumheads that can include the corporate/event logo/theme as a takeaway. Mark will autograph any and all purchased items after event.

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(2 Hours, Half Day and Full Day)

Keynote (above) plus Mark breaks the entire group into small ‘bands,’ coaching everyone through rewriting lyrics to famous songs, and having each ‘band’ perform with their lyrics displayed for others to enjoy and support. Participants learn to break through barriers that have held them back from reaching their true potential. Focus: Performance, Communication, Team Building, Peak Performance, Leadership, Entertainment

C-Suite JAM!

Mark has jammed on stage with C-Suite members following his keynote either on the presentation stage or as part of the evening party.  Imagine getting the chance to play/sing PINK, FOREIGNER, BILLY IDOL songs or any artists’ songs on stage with Mark!  That can be a reality as part of your experience when you hire Mark…

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Through experience, interviews, and anecdotes, Mark Schulman provides insight into the mindset and skill sets that can be used to break through the barriers to success and beyond. Conquering Life’s Stage Fright can help with expanding the human potential in the workplace as well as achieving greater purpose and happiness in life itself.”

Tony Hsieh
CEO of
NY Times Best Selling Author “Delivering Happiness”


Mark…you made me look like a hero again, this time for recommending you to The New York Tech Summit. Their meeting planner emailed me this note: ‘He was literally amazing. Hands down the best keynote we’ve ever had. On top of it all he’s just an a great guy. Spoke to and took photos with every attendee that approached him. He even jumped in and performed at our attendee party with our corporate rock band. This is going to be hard to top next year!!!’”

Arnold Sand
Executive Director
SME Entertainment Group, LLC


It’s not easy to get a standing ovation from a corporate audience; Mark got two! Mark Schulman’s keynote address was truly a great success and made me, the event planner look like a Rock Star!”

Sandy Scheneker
Marketing Events Manager
Information Global Solutions

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